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J.I Defense Solutions
  • To pickup armor of any kind, hit E on it
  • Armor is very complemented by suit charge(blue armor bar)
  • To drop armor, type *drop <type>* in chat, where type is the type of item, Ex. *drop vest* or *drop suit* or *drop helmet*
  • Non-police armor can be pocketed
Kevlar Vest
  • Moderate Bullet Resistance
  • Low Explosive Damage Resistance
  • Slows player ~10%
Soft Kevlar Vest
  • Police Only, equipped on job change/respawn
  • Low-Medium Bullet Resistance
  • Poor Explosive Damage Resistance
  • Increases player walking speed ~25%
Polyethylene Bullet Resistant Helmet
  • Moderate Bullet Resistance
  • Deflects most headshots
Kevlar Resin Bullet Resistant Helmet
  • SWAT Only, needs to be purchased
  • Low Bullet Resistance
  • Deflects most headshots
Juggernaut Suit(E.O.D Suit)
  • Extreme Explosive Resistance
  • High Bullet Resistance
  • Slows player ~70%
  • Practically bullet proof head
Ballistic Shield
  • Unpocketable
  • Practically bullet proof
  • Hit E on the back to pickup

  • There are a few kinds of turrets currently available to buy in the F4 menu as Engineer
  • All turrets require both ammo and a battery
  • A turret's front side cannot be obstructed in any way, otherwise it will power down
  • Turrets are very vulnerable to fast moving targets and explosives
MKI Turret
  • The cheapest and most versatile
  • Uses MKI turret ammo(.22)
  • Fastest Tracking
MKII Turret
  • Mid Tier Turret
  • Uses MKII turret ammo(9mm)
  • Tracks slower than MKI
  • Highest DPS
  • Most expensive turret
  • Uses MKIII turret ammo(12GA Shells)
  • Slowest Tracking
  • Highest burst damage, but struggles in long fire fights
  • Slow firing rate
  • Consumes a lot of power

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